Why An Experienced Content Writer Is A Business Essential


Usin\' the laptop. Whee....2013 is the year of content marketing, as high quality content because the new key to SEO, gaining Google’s trust and climbing the search engine rankings pages. And the best way to ensure you gain quality content is to hire a professional and experience SEO copywriter, or if your need is large then a team of content writers.

The Content

The content on your website homepage and other pages, as well as on your blog if you have one, is not just there to fill some space and make the place look pretty as many people assume. It in fact serves several far greater purposes. Not only does it give your brand a voice and a personality when visitors come to your site looking to learn more, but it also sells your brand values and if written well can be the tipping point between visitor and customer. It can also instil loyalty in visitors if they like what they read about the brand, so it is important that it is written in a persuasive and engaging manner.

It is also of course a tool for SEO, as Google’s new Penguin update is now valuing quality content more than ever in its searches. However, over optimised and poorly written (bad grammar and spelling) content will lose your credibility with both site visitors and Google. Therefore hiring professional experienced content writers is a must to avoid this.

Signs of Experience in an SEO Writer

Anyone can SAY they have plenty of experience, but the proof is in the writing. That is why when hiring a content writer it is advisable to ask for a paid test piece from candidates that seem to have what you are looking for on paper. If the content writer say they can have it to you in the next couple of hours, I would be wary, unless they are of course experts in the field they are being asked to write about, which is rare but does happen.

Signs of a good content writer are the amount of time they say it will take them to produce it, and the research they put in. They should not only take time to research and get to know your brand, but also the field in which you operate, even looking at your competitors. They should then be able to create a piece custom written for you that conveys your brand message and values, engages the readers and is SEO optimised to the right weight, not over or under.

If all the signs are there in the test piece, you can trust them to write well for your company in future, but if they aren’t, then you just pay them for the piece and move on. You may have lost money on the piece, but you save thousands overall by not posting bad content on your site.

The Benefits of SEO for UK Businesses


seo conceptSEO, or search engine optimisation to use its full name, is one of those buzz words among UK businesses that many people know they should be doing but don’t always fully understand why. Although it can be a slow and steady process, SEO when done properly by SEO companies in the UK is highly beneficial to businesses, as in the digital age more and more people are turning to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing in their daily life and to solve their every need.

But in the age of internet marketing we are used to everything being far more instant and don’t like the idea of having to invest and wait around for marketing benefits any more. But maybe if we knew exactly what the benefits are of SEO services for UK business, we would understand why every business would be foolish to ignore it any longer.

 The Benefits

Global and/or Regional Perspective: By using SEO to target your audience, you can choose to be perceived by a local and/or global audience.

Traffic Targeting: By defining and using keywords which are related to your business and the products and services it offers, you can ensure you are found by the right audience. This helps increase website traffic, which can then be potentially converted into customers.

Increased Visibility: A search engine optimised website will appear higher on search engines, increasing the amount of visibility for your brand and its products and services.

High ROI (Return on Investment): SEO has the potential to bring higher return on investment than any other form of marketing for your business. If done effectively, SEO can increase your volume of sales and profit overall.

Long Term Positioning: With the use of SEO services, a website can gain a high ranked position on search engines, leading to more exposure and clicks. And although using SEO may take longer to get you there than the quick fix that is PPC (pay per click) advertising, once your website gains its position through SEO it will stay there for a long period of time.

Cost-effective: SEO for UK businesses is hailed as being one of the most cost effective methods of marketing, as once the results are achieved you have maximum exposure for your website, producing a high return on investment.

Flexibility: The keywords used, the target audiences that are reached, it is all decided and changeable by you with the help of SEO companies in the UK, which means you can tailor your campaign to your company’s needs. And should those needs change? Then the campaign can change with it.

Measurable results: One of the key benefits of SEO campaigns is the results are measurable. Meaning you can see down to the letter how well they have worked, your return on investment, and how they can be improved or changed for future.

These are just some of the main benefits that SEO services can offer businesses in the UK, the possibilities are endless. All you need is an SEO company who can help make it happen, and the sky (or the top listings of Google) are the limit.

If you want help with your SEO, Mancunian Creative are here! Drop us an email, hello@mancuniancreative.co.uk, or call for a chat on 0161 883 0843.




Web design seo manchesterIf you are an eCommerce website, then Christmas comes early for you this year, in terms of SEO anyway! Ever noticed that from around October/November through to New Year the amount of competition on Google searches seems to quadruple? It’s because so many eCommerce websites get their SEO efforts in extra early ready for the big Christmas rush, wish means you need to be doing the same, or else you might find yourself getting knocked off the spot you worked so hard to achieve come Christmas 2013.

Only 180 Days to Christmas?

Christmas may seem like forever away to you, it is after all only June and you probably haven’t even gone on your big summer holiday that you have been planning for since last Christmas yet. But SEO waits for no man (or woman, or eCommerce site) so it’s time to make an early start on preparations for the Christmas sales period.

Here are some suggested methods to help kick start your Christmas SEO:

1. Is The Grotto Stocked and Optimised?

Before you start optimising your website, consider the typical every day details. Who are your main competitors and how do your products and prices compare with theirs? What are your stock levels looking like and how early do you have to get your Christmas stock orders to suppliers? This kind of stuff needs to be checked on an on-going basis to keep ahead.

Is Your Design Festive Enough?

We aren’t suggesting you deck the website with boughs of holly just yet, but if you haven’t already, you need to be considering how you will tweak your website design to fit when the season arrives, as your web designer and graphic designer may need plenty of time and notice to get this done, and if you do the website yourself, are you capable or do you need to call in some support? And how early is acceptable to start trimming the site? There is nothing wrong with starting to add images and promotions during September, as many people like to start their Christmas shopping early, especially in the current economic climate, and it triggers the thought in a person’s mind when they see festive imagery and offers.

3. User Friendly = SEO Friendly

If your website is not easy to use in terms of gaining plenty of information about products, simple and fast payment methods, delivery information, etc. then it could stand between you and many sales. More clearer information on your site not only translates as good for customer experience, its also essential in terms of SEO, as when Google compares you with your competitors, your website needs to stand out as the more worthy source.

4. Clearer Navigation Is Key

At Christmas, there will be certain categories and product ranges that will be sought after, and so slimming down the navigation process by making links to these categories on your homepage during the Christmas period will help more customers find what they want faster, and will help Google pick up on the keywords that match your site, driving more traffic.

5. Give a Little More, It’s Christmas!

Special offers such as free gift wrapping services, free delivery or BOGOF (buy one get one free) are all great ways to stand out from your competitors at Christmas, and since people are buying large amounts of gifts they are going to go for whichever site offers the best discounts/extras to save where they can, regardless of year round loyalties.

6. Be Sure to Use Christmas Keywords

This may seem like a pretty obvious one, but it’s vital to use Christmas keywords and key-phrases in your SEO efforts for the festive season. General Keywords such as presents, gifts, Santa, etc will show the search engines that you are ready for Christmas. As well as this, its good practice to research the specific products you sell and the typical search terms for these products around the festive period.

7. To Christmas and Beyond

It’s a sad but true fact that many New Year sales are beginning earlier and earlier online with every passing year, as consumers begin their sale shopping even on Christmas Day itself before the Turkey can even get cold. So it’s important to be prepared for this. As an ecommerce site, you will likely have stopped receiving orders around 2-3 days before Christmas, maybe even earlier, as final Christmas delivery dates draw too close and any last minute shoppers have to turn to the bricks and mortar shops. So why not use this time to be on the ball ready for the period beyond Christmas, tweaking the site ready for New Year sales the moment the last Christmas order cut off arrives?

8. Make Use of Analytics

You aren’t going to remember every (or even any) detail of last year’s Christmas turnover, so go back to your analytics to help you plan for this year. Around what time did people start coming to your site from Christmas related search terms? At what point did sales of products that are typically more popular around Christmas start to pick up and when did it peak? What were your most popular products last year and what failed to do as well as you thought? This can help with stock orders, what offers to put on, when to start trimming the site and optimising the content, etc. and can help you set new reachable targets for this year.

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to start considering your Christmas SEO preparations, as by the time we reach the milestone of 100 days to Christmas you should be looking at having it in place. Need some help? We have a team of SEO, web design and graphic design experts here at Mancunian Creative who could help you make this Christmas a memorable one for your company, just give us a call us for a chat on 0161 883 0843 or email hello@macuniancreative.co.uk.


The 6 Questions You Should Ask Any Web Design Company Before Hiring Them


web design manchesterFirst impressions are everything, which means designing your company’s website is a big task that will have a huge impact on your business’s online presence, and should not be a job that is handed out lightly. It is advisable to get to know a web design company before hiring them, so here are some important questions to ask to aid you in making the decision of whether or not they are right for the job:

1. Will the design be bespoke?

Many web design companies who will offer websites for lower budgets, which usually come in the form of a readymade template. And as the saying goes, you do only get what you oay for. Although templates seem like a good deal and it is easy to take the lower priced option with the thought of saving some money, but a bespoke designed website will make a far better first impression.

2.  Do you have separate design and development teams?

Many web design companies will have teams who take on both design and development of websites, however in many professional opinions these two aspects of website creation require two very different skill sets and when one team attempts both it can leave the quality in one area or another lacking.

3. Will the site have a content management system (CMS)?

A content management system (CMS) allows you to update your own website with content, without needing to mess with the coding and design or having to ask the web design team every time you need to change something.  A good CMS allows you to upload and edit text, images and files as well as add new pages.

4. Where do you source your images from?

If they answer ‘stock photo sites’ then you are on to a winner, which is more often than not the case. However, some unprofessional web designers may get around having to pay for the images by simply Google searching them, and you could end up with a legal case on your hands for copyright infringement!

5. How long will it take to complete?

Although there are likely to be delays and there will need to be a certain amount of design, feedback, and redesign involved in the creation process, most web design in the UK can be done to timescale if needed.

6. Who owns the website upon completion?

If the web design company say YOU, then all is well, however there are some cases where web designers have retained full ownership of the website in an attempt to prevent companies from being able to go elsewhere in the future. If they do not stipulate that you will have full ownership upon completion it is advisable to look elsewhere for a web designer.

Ask Mancunian Creative any of these questions and more, we are sure you will be more than happy with our simple and honest answers. To get in touch, email hello@mancuniancreative.co.uk, call for a chat on 0161 883 0843, or tweet us @MancCreative!

Why A Little Humour In Digital Marketing and Branding Goes A Long Way


humour branding web design marketing manchesterBrands  such as Evian have made tracks in the past with humour in campaigns, for example their “Roller Babies” video advertising campaign back in 2009, depicting roller skating babies drinking their bottled mineral water,  gaining more than 68 million international views to date. They recently released a follow up video, “Baby & Me,” which has now reached almost 50 million views. The key to Evian’s viral online success? The videos are enjoyable and humorous to watch, and people like to share things they enjoy, meaning all the hard work is done by the fans themselves.

And Evian are not alone in realising this fact, with thousands more examples popping up. During the last Superbowl’s rather unexpected power cut, popular biscuit brand Oreo jumped on their Twitter and quickly realised an opportunity for some good humoured promotion, by Tweeting “You can still dunk in the dark.”  They soon became a trending brand when it was ReTweeted over 15,000 times. Something so simple yet so quick witted can be all you need to add some humour to your brand and marketing, and with online being so fast paced it allows us to quickly jump on current topics and the word can spread like wildfire in moments.

web design branding creative marketing manchester

You may be thinking, ‘yes but we don’t have an unlimited marketing and branding budget to spend on high-end TV ads’ in regard to the Evian example, but take Oreo’s example as proof that it isn’t about the budget. Its simply about being aware of what is going on around you, and your target audience’s sense of humour. It can be done small scale and be just as successful as it is large scale, with something as simple as a witty blog post or Tweet being found funny and entertaining enough for a few people to share, and the seed is planted.

Humor is  a social experience by nature, which is why people are far more inclined to want to spread engage with and spread funny stuff than anything else. Take the thousands of Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, Reddit Sub-reddits dedicated to pointless yet funny content, and look how many people share it. Therefore a brand that has a sense of humour and shares that with their audience is much more likely to gain viral success in their campaigns than one which simply sticks to posting informative and often quite dull content.

It can be easy to go too far sometimes, with brands in the past ending up offending their core audience by trying to reach further. But the main key to being strategically humorous instead of outright foolish in branding and marketing is to know what your audience appreciate and find funny. Your audience and target market should be at the centre of everything you do as a company, and there is no exception when it comes to using humour to encourage them to spread the word and feel a connection with your brand and its personality.

Mancunian Creative are experts in branding, and we like to think we have a pretty good sense of humour too! To find out how we can help you find creative new ways to get your brand’s message across, call us for a chat on 0161 883 0843 or email hello@mancuniancreative.co.uk


What Penguin 2.0 Means for Your Website


Google Penguin 2.0, Penguin Update, Web Design Manchester, SEO, Link Building, CopywritingGoogle’s latest Penguin update, dubbed Penguin 2.0, has rocked many brands to their core, in particular larger brands who have taken shortcuts in their SEO and link building strategies.

To be honest, all this panic over the update is silly, because Google’s key principles have remained the same as when they first introduced Penguin. That was when everyone should have been worrying, as all those websites who employed shady and less than honest ‘black hat’ SEO strategies were penalised. Anyone who hasn’t now realised that a thousand bad quality links aren’t doing it for Google anymore needs sacking!

To recap for anyone new to the SEO or business game, here are the post-Penguin principles that Google holds dear:


Yes, Google do still like the odd link, but what they hate is when website purchase hundreds and thousands at a time from cheap black hat companies offering to get them straight to the top of Google. The main reason the Penguin updates have become the most feared yet is because so many companies, large and small, invested in these bad link building strategies regardless of actually quality. And who wouldn’t? Let’s admit, it’s the main aim of an SEO strategy and any business’s dream to be at the top of Google, so if someone offers it you at a bargain price, you don’t ask questions. But now Google has become wise to these ways and has cracked down, favouring quality links and slow, realistic link building rates over speed and quantity.

What it means for your website:  Ditch the ‘We can get you to the top of Google in days’ SEO” agencies and employ a serious company who knows their stuff, like us (just saying). But seriously, whether you employ us or any other SEO company, what you want them to be offering is a quality link building strategy. This means gaining links from top rated websites, blogs, new sites, etc. that are both relevant to your website content and contain high quality content themselves. 100 quality links built slowly over time will stand you in much better stead than 1,000 gained over a week. For more info on link building in the post-Penguin world, check out our article on gaining Google’s trust.



As you may have already heard, content is king (read more on this in our article here). Google’s love of content and keywords isn’t a new thing, it’s one of the foundations that SEO has been built upon, but the way Google assesses the content is changing. The Penguin updates have been dubbed the ‘most human’ update yet, due to the fact that Google no longer see a string of keywords that don’t really make any sense as being worthy of a high ranking. They are now looking for content that is written for the human reader, not for the Google robots, which means quality, well written content is what it’s all about.

What this means for your website: Get an SEO copywriting professional, whether it be through an agency like ourselves or a freelance professional, to assess your current website content and rewrite it (where needed) to comply with the new update. It is likely, depending on how old your website content is, that the whole website may need updating, but if you want to stay ahead in the SEO stakes, then needs must. For more info on our SEO copywriting services, please email hello@macuniciancreative.co.uk.


Social Media

People are often slightly disbelieving about this, but it makes perfect sense. The popularity and value of social media presence for companies has grown significantly year on year since the beginning of the social revolution, some 10 years ago. So for us to reach a point where social media has a bearing on SEO is a natural path for it to take I think. It now means that brands’ social media pages, posts, any content and media shared on social media by the brand will be taken into account, and in many cases a brand’s Facebook page of Twitter account is currently ranking higher than their website on Google searches for the company!

What this means for your company: Going back to the content principle, you need to be posting well written and interesting posts on your social media channels. Yes, keywords do still matter, but only where they are relevant and make sense in the content, rather than at random intervals in large quantities. For more info on how we can help with your social media strategies for marketing and SEO purposes, email us on hello@mancuniancreative.co.uk.




Is Your Website Helping or Hindering Your Company?


business website audit web designLet’s face it, all your digital marketing and the majority of your traditional marketing efforts work towards driving people to one main area, your website. It’s your main piece of entirely controlled online real estate, in that it can look how you want, perform how you want and display whatever content you choose.

So when people are driven there, be it via SEO efforts getting you to the top of Google, or social media posts gaining you some attention, its important that your website doesn’t let you down. It’s the main event after all. But remember that online people have VERY short attention spans, so if your website doesn’t grab and hold them in the first few seconds, or if the layout or navigation puts them off, you have likely lost them forever.

Auditing Your Company’s Website: What To Look For

When auditing the effectiveness of your company’s website, there are various aspects to be taken into account:

Design and Functionality

The first thing that someone will see when they are directed to your website is the design and layout. With your target customer in mind, you need to consider the following on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not at all, 10 being very):

  • How attractive is your website to look at?
  • How attention grabbing is it?
  • How likely are you to want to delve deeper into the website to find out more?
  • How easy is it to navigate?

You might also set yourself, or a colleague who has less knowledge of the site, tasks such as finding a particular bit of information or performing a certain task such as signing up to a newsletter or promotion. This will give you an idea of how user friendly the site is.

Written Content/Message Delivery

The next thing people will notice about your website is the content, as this is what gives the website visitor more information about your company and what you offer. But just like with the design, if the content does not instantly offer up something interesting and attention grabbing, the visitor is likely to make a quick departure.

Like with the design, consider the following points on a scale of 1-10:

  • How much do you get to know the company from the landing page content alone?
  • How much can you get to know the company after just 5 seconds of reading?
  • How clear is the company’s message from the content?

It isn’t just about the content of the landing page (first page the visitor will see) but this content is the most important, and if it doesn’t give the visitor something to stay for or make them want to look further then it is hindering your website. Its no good having excellent content going into detail about your company’s story and objectives if the front page content doesn’t encourage the visitor to go in that far.

Visitors can be directed to other pages than the homepage, so the landing page could be any one of your website’s pages, for example you might share a new blog post on social media and people may access your site via that link, landing them first on the blog post page, for them to then explore after reading. Likewise you could send an email promoting a new product with a link to the product page. For this reason, every page needs to be optimised in terms of content and design as if it were the first page a visitor will see, which means making sure the company’s message is clear throughout and the branding is consistent on all pages.

How you say it is equally as important as what the content says. So again, consider your target customer, and the language they themselves would use, as this will put you on a level with them and subconsciously they will feel a connection with your company.

Search Engine Optimisation

For your website to have any chance at all of coming up on Google or other search engines, it needs to be fully optimised. It isn’t just about the keywords anymore, as you may have heard content is king, but they still count for something.

Meta Tags, Heading Tags, ALT tags, Description Tags, Anchor Text, and well written content are what are needed to be utilised to fully optimise a website, and if you aren’t using ALL of them to their full capacity then your site is losing out needlessly to competitors on search engines.

Audit Summary

After auditing your website, take a look at the results and ratings, where were you underperforming most of all? Make a plan for changing things, some may take priority over others and it’s never an overnight job, but it is important that it all gets done. Overlooking issues with your website, not matter how small they may seem, will have lost and will continue to lose you visitors and potential customers along the way. Remember the website is the main event, so no matter how much marketing, sales and PR efforts you throw at your company, if your website is underperforming then your business will struggle to perform too.

Why Brand CEOs Should Be Active On Social Media


Recent statistics from a survey by BRANDfog have revealed how CEOs and Executives having an active involvement in their brand’s social media marketing strategies would influence how both the potential customers and employees view the brand. 77% of people asked said that seeing a CEO using social media or blogging would make them more likely to buy from the company, while 94% also said that the brand’s image would be enhanced in their eyes if the company’s senior executives were also involved in social media.

A Happy Team Is A Productive Team

When it comes to the employees or potential employees of a company, the survey revealed that 82% said they would hold more trust and respect for the company if the leadership team had an active involvement in social media, with 78% saying it leads to better communication. 64% stated that the improved transparency of having the CEO and senior executives on social media gives it higher regard among themselves and potential customers.

From The Horse’s Mouth

For CEOs who are still sceptical about getting involved in their company’s social media optimisation methods, there is much to be benefited from. Peter Aceto, CEO of ING Direct Canada, well known financial services firm told eMarketer in an interview in 2012 that being active on social media is a great way for him to assess both how employees and consumers see and feel about the company and the services and products that it offers. “We saw it as a competitive advantage for us. There was no science. There was no ROI. We just needed to get going, start to build a community and learn about how we can use it,” says Aceto on the decision to get involved in social media.

Benefits Galore

And the benefits don’t stop there. Social media optimisation not only gains your brand respect from consumers and employees, it can tie in with your other online marketing strategies too, including your search marketing. Having an active presence on social media has be proven to improve search optimisation by increasing the amount of pages indexed for your company and its related key words, as well as providing a flow of fresh and high quality content, something Google looks favourable upon since its update to Penguin in 2012.

So for CEOs, being on social media doesn’t just give the customers someone to look up to, it improves employee relations and over all can give online marketing efforts a mighty boost.

How to Win Google’s Trust With Your SEO Link Building Strategy



author rank google manchester web design seo link building authorshipGoogle’s Penguin update has meant many changes are needed to be made to way we gain the trust of the search engine. Not only do we need to ensure that we are partaking in quality link building but we must now also be wary of the rate at which we increase our links and the reputation of the publications and authors publishing our links.

Quality Not Quantity

No longer does the quantity of links, regardless of quality, that you have on your site and linking back to your site have an advantageous effect on your search engine page rankings. In fact, it has quite the opposite, as Google are now cracking down on sites with too many poor quality back links and links on their site, penalising and punishing as they go. So one way to ensure you earn Google’s trust is to ensure all links on your site and all backlinks on other sites are high quality.

More Haste, Less Speed

No longer is doubling and tripling the number of links you have and trying to keep up with competitors numbers an issue for websites. Google are now looking out for those who are building links at a realistic rate, and whose links are high quality. Those who are increasing the number of links at a ridiculous rate will sooner or later get caught out by Google, and in the end slow and steady will always win the race and Google’s trust where SEO and link building is concerned.

Appeal to Google’s Human Side

Authorship (also known as Author Rank) is being referred to as Google’s human side, as it is a system designed and integrated by Google as a way to consider more than the cold hard statistics when it comes to search. Anyone can write babble and stick in relevant key words in any subject field, that is why Google wanted to find a way to separate the nonsense from the credible information.

The best way they could find to do this was to develop a system that would take into consideration the author/publication by which the content was posted, and how many followers they have on social networks, how much and how often content is shared, the amount of acknowledgement they get (in terms of social signs such as Likes, +1s, ReTweets, reblogs, etc.) and how people react to their content. The best way to make use of Authorship is to have a Google+ profile, and ensure you are posting quality content to there and other linked social sites regularly.

Mancunian Creative can help you with your SEO! Email us, hello@mancuniancreative.co.uk, or call us on 0161 883 0843 for a chat.

5 Ways To Get Creative With Branding On A Budget



budget branding manchester web design

Whether you are a start up or an established SME, chances are you don’t have the same ridiculously large budget that big corporations have to throw at branding to try and make a success of it. And the truth is, you don’t even need it! There are plenty of ways to do branding on a budget, and save that money for spending where it’s really needed in order to give your business a boost.

1. Think Like The Customer, Not The Entrepreneur

We often forget that in actual fact you and your customers share a great deal in common. We are all customers, we all buy products and services based on how we perceive them. Advertisements, marketing, social media and packaging all subconsciously sway us when it comes to choosing which brand to purchase from, no matter how much we deny it.

So try to step away from your entrepreneurial shoes for a second and walk in the customer’s shoes. What were your last 10 purchases? What brands were they from and why did you choose them over other brands? And are there particular brands you feel loyalty to and would always choose over another in certain product areas? Why is that? Answering these questions will give you an insight into how the customer’s mind processes branding.

2. Be a Host with The Most

Events are a great way to get people to engage with your brand the old fashioned way. But you may be thinking ‘hang on a minute, I thought this was BUDGET branding!’. Fear not, events don’t have to cost the earth if you get creative! If you have a fixed location such as a shop where you showcase your products and/or services, invite people here, or if you are an online business then make alliances with local businesses who could share the event (make sure they have a common target market) with you in return for a venue. Whether it be your mailing list, or a community on social media, arrange a gathering, spend a little on food and drink for the guests, and when you have them all in your territory you can network, promote your products, build relationships, etc.

It’s easier to sell to people and build relationships when you are all in a fun, relaxed environment. People like to interact, and although social media does facilitate this, sometimes good old fashioned face to face rather than Facebook to Facebook can work wonders.

3. Social Media is Free, Make The Most of It!

Although point number 2 does say old fashioned communication can be good once in a while, 24/7 communication as our fast paced digital-centric society has come to rely upon is equally as important to utilise. And what better way to keep the digital communication flowing than with a free tool such as social media? Yes, you can pay to promote yourself on social media just as you can pay to get to the top of Google with Adwords, but with some good old fashioned time and effort put in, paid promotion isn’t a necessity. For more info on how to make the most of it, check out our post on the value of social media

4. Make The Most of Your ‘Prime Real Estate’, On and Offline

By ‘prime real estate’ we are talking anything you own and have complete control over. This can include your website, social media channels, email signature, even your phone’s voicemail can be optimised for branding.

Keep these areas updated regularly, even with just a few minor adjustments every so often. Social media as you know needs to be updated much more regularly with engaging content, but an email signature or voicemail can be adjusted once in a while so that people who regularly see or hear these messages are given something new to engage them. A friendly face or vibrant company logo on an email signature and website, and a warm and sincere tone on a voicemail message will go a long way towards building your brand’s likeable personality.

5. Content Can Capture Hearts and Minds

Content is not only king when it comes to the SEO benefits it now provides, but it can also capture the hearts and minds of your audience, building loyalty and relationships and creating a personality for your brand. As little as one post a week on a company blog (which can be made for free if you don’t already have one) can help to create a likeable perception of you and your brand.

Many CEOs like to add a personal touch by posting opinion and advice posts as themselves, as it shows the human side to the brand. Other blogs even involve various team members who post about specific areas relating to the brand, which again creates a likeable human side. Or you can opt to create a personality for the brand in its own right, with an agreed set of objectives and guidelines to work with based on what your customers engage with.

There are plenty more original and low cost ways to get creative with branding for your company, and we can help with this! Contact hello@mancuniancreative.co.uk or call us on 0161 883 0843 to chat about how we can provide branding solutions tailored to any budget.